This website is hand-coded in PHP, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 (with the older, archived parts in HTML4 Transitional).

This site is my coding sandbox. I started with a blank canvas, and built the underlying template and developed the code from scratch without frameworks or bootstraps.[1] No website, however, is an island, and I appreciate the generous spirit of the open source community from whom I have learned much, and without whom this site would not be possible.

In addition, I received a lift from the following contributors:

I developed an infinite load JS (with added WCAG accessibility) for both vertical and horizontal scrolling, all of which was built upon the original work of:

My image enlargements are assisted by:

The sound file player is built on a wireframe version of:

Animated background images are powered by:

Tooltip trickery is built upon the work of:
Osvaldas Valutis

I built an Apache server with the help of docs at:
Digital Ocean

Aleatorical art
The digital art pieces on this site are original works I created[2] for Imaginalia Institute, a private research organization exploring the nature of consciousness and the unconscious aspects of the human imagination. The collection is also displayed on the website of author and researcher Faith Harkey. The Imaginalia of Faith Harkey

Set in 100-900 weight:

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