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Accumulus.[1] From the latin ad/ac (to) and cumulus (gather in a heap). Our self — who we are — is not a whole, but a cumulation. Not an accumulation. The goal is not to “acquire,” or obtain. It is to become.

Our paths are an aggregate of experiences and influences, without which we are just brains in a vat — which is not really a life. We don’t really know who we are until the end of our own time.

Until then, our destination is the journey.

the things I carry

Life is an aggregate of experiences. These are mine.
Year Month Event
0 [2] Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, on an Indian mound.[3] Son to David and Judy, (future) brother to Malarie.
1973 First memory: ghostly apparitions rising from the floor of my grandparents’ living room. Perhaps it was a dream. I hope it was a dream.
1974 discovered Hot Butter Popcorn
1975 September Accepted to Shorecrest. Move ahead a grade.
1980 October First visit to Kennedy Space Center.
1981 June First summer camp at Rainey Mountain.
1983 discovered Planet P Why Me
1984 February Complete Air Force wilderness survival training.
1987 June Graduate Shorecrest, honors distinction. Begin gap year.
September Get a job at a surf shop.
1988 April First apartment on my own.
Summer Endless Summer. And endless jobs: assembly line worker, warehouse laborer, fish cleaner at the boat docks, door-to-door salesperson, telemarketer, dishwasher, bus boy …
August Move to Tallahassee. Enter the FSU matriculation track through TCC.[4]
1989 discovered Erich Kunzel Time Warp
September Become Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper. Join Phi Theta Kappa honor society. Buy a Roland U-20 and an 8-track tape mixer.
1990 discovered Dave Brubeck Time Further Out
January Bunch of awards: Foundation Scholarship Award, multiple Florida College Press Awards, Florida Journalism scholarship, and an award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.
September Move to Ft. Worth, Texas. Start work as creative director at Vitalife.
1991 January The Vitalife CEO is a crook — management skips town, and nobody gets paid. First professional career experience = not so great.
February Back to Florida. Get a job on reforestation crew at Pinellas County Park Department. Job in the woods will probably be more rewarding.
July Earn my CDL driver’s license. Begin day hauls between parks. “10-8 to your location, over.”
December Launch Make Me Laugh zine.
1992 January First archaeology job with Janus Research. Excavations at Moog Midden.
February Keep on at Janus. Sent into the Everglades — with a compass, a machete, a shovel and a screen — to find Seminole War battlefields. Success.[5] More assignments follow.
September A pause in archaeology assignments. Drive out West on excursion with a friend. Get work on a ranch outside of Moscow, Idaho.
1993 March Winter thaws in Moscow. Find work as a farm laborer for the “spring dig.” Of the 36 that start, only 14 of us are left at end of season (injuries, etc). I make it to the end (with only frostbite) and get my bonus.
May USFS wildland firefighting Guard School. Take my bunk at Powell Ranger Station in the Clearwater National Forest.[6]
August Jerrycan explodes on the fire line. Catch fire and fall down a mountain. Three months of burn unit rehab.
discovered Chris LeDoux Riding for a Fall
October Move back to Florida. Pick back up archaeology assignments at Janus Research.
1994 June Continue school. Transfer to University of South Florida. Work part-time at Janus.
1995 January Production editor (layout) of student newspaper.
May Return to Powell to face my demons. Second fire season.
June Chosen as part of a four-man crew to represent Powell at the USFS Region 1 “Firefighter Games.” Our team takes first place.[7]
1996 July Internship with U.S. Senator Connie Mack.
December Start work as Legislative Aide (District Liaison) to Florida Senator Charlie Crist.
1997 December Take an ownership stake of a 1926 historic hotel at 1005 6th Street. Refurb one of the units as my apartment.[8]
discovered Sasha & John Digweed Northern Exposure
1998 October Charlie loses U.S. Senate election. Start grad school at USF.
1999 July Begin coding classes at St. Pete College. First courses in digital audio workstations.
discovered Kruder & Dorfmeister The K&D Sessions
2001 September Green River expedition. We’re on the river and 9/11 happens — we can get only static-y AM radio reception at night to find out what’s going on. Eerie. No jet trails in the sky.
October Open Bayflash, a little web design company, making Flash and traditional websites.
2002 February Develop Cybershowing virtual tours for real estate.
2003 July Sold first house, site unseen, to an out-of-state buyer through a Cybershowing tour.
discovered Deviant Electronics Silverside
2004 October Buy a first-year 1964 Ford Mustang with my company profits.
November Crash the Mustang. Conduct failure analysis.
2005 April Last beer ever.[9]
May Start taking yoga classes. Begin oil painting. Expand company client base. Restore the Mustang.[10] [11]
2006 August Take my yoga teacher, Faith, to Idaho when I revisit the old ranger station.
2007 July Tie wrists with Faith at a little church by the sea.[12]
August Move into the ranch-hand’s quarters of the Dickinson ranch in Istachatta, Florida. Become the on-site caretakers of the property so the owners can travel. Incorporate Bayflash into Ventureus Corporation — now serving remote clients.
2008 December It’s the economic end-of-the-world. None of my clients can pay their bills. Close the business, buy a $1,000 RV, refurb it with solar and satellite internet, christen it The Schlep, and boondock with Faith across America.
2009 December Begin coding for SWFWMD.
2010 discovered Yggdrasil Don’t Feed the Toadstools
December Park The Schlep, one last time,[13] in Grangeville, Idaho. It’s the end of the journey for boondocking-life. Donate what’s left of it to Goodwill and rent a house for the winter in Grangeville.
2011 December After a year in the Rocky Mountains, move to Clayton, Georgia, to experience the Appalachians. Get involved with a species conservation 501(C)(3).
2012 December I want to learn more about art and music. Move to Naples, Florida, and redesign the website of the Philharmonic Center for the Arts (home of the Naples Museum of Art and the Naples Philharmonic orchestra). Study art and color using resources in the museum library. Begin an autodidactic study of music.[14]
2016 June Move to Tallahassee, Florida.
2018 May First art exhibition: juried award winner in photography at the Florida Environs exhibition.
September Begin CFP program at FSU.
2019 December Exploratory trip to Bermuda. What would it take to live here?
2020 February Zombie virus apocalypse. Not going anywhere. Buy some sound equipment, catch up on DAWs, and welcome back a Roland into my life (an A-88MKII).
discovered Steve Riech Music for 18 Musicians
2064 September What happens in the future, who knows? The infinite decimal places of an otherwise deterministic universe ensure that we can’t actually even guess.