| ǝ' mǝrjǝns | a self-organizing consciousness that arises from sufficiently complex systems from the Latin emergere ‘bring to light’

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A little about me. I am a coder, designer, DAW composer, and multimedia artist working in both traditional and new media formats. I currently serve as the web experience designer and project director at a major museum and performing arts complex, and have had the opportunity to exhibit my personal projects on the side. This website is a portfolio of some of that work, as well as some stuff that’s been created specifically to share online.

I believe in the power of the physical artwork to convey a connection between artist and viewer, and I also believe in the canvas of the internet as a potential artistic medium. I studied design and interactive arts at St. Petersburg College and received a Bachelor of Arts cum laude from the University of South Florida. I continue an autodidactic research of color, light and sound and their relationship to each other through the avocational study of psychophysiology and philosophy.

Please note that you will not find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, so profiles for “Drew Harkey” on those sites are, alas, not me.

Current Projects

digital art the luminous aether The Luminous Aether is a digital art collection of aleatoric abstractions made with the assist of generative algorithms. It is currently part of the visual gallery of Imaginalia Research.

electronic music edge of choas Edge of Chaos is a musical expedition into the psybient realm of quantum complexity. Consider it in-flight entertainment to Alpha Centauri.

web development imaginalia research Imaginal Research is a private research institute exploring the nature of consciousness and the imaginal domain.

photography artistic nature Artistic Nature is a photography project that explores patterns and coincidental semantics found in nature. Selections of the portfolio were exhibited at LeMoyne Arts in 2018, and were curated to emphasize the fragility of our remaining wild places.

web development NIFF The Naples International Film Festival was recognized by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World in 2019. Organized by Shannon Franklin, I was the project director and content creator, and received a huge lift in web development from Philip Zaengle.

photography upon further reflection Upon Further Reflection is a photo essay of images gathered from my personal albums, with annotations reflecting on ideas that concerned me both then and now.

Map of Consciousness, a Three-Body Problem, 2022. Digital medium. © Drew Harkey.

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