Edge of Chaos




There is a mystery at the confluence of science and mind, at the intersection where matter is both a wave and a particle. A place where reality depends on how we observe it — where the structure of the world “out there” may be only an allegory of the strange loops, recursions and self-mirroring that underly it all.

The edge of chaos is an aspect of this quantum potentiality, a point at which physical systems display their greatest complexity — and their greatest capacity for creative change. This project aims to explore that delicate, dynamic realm found at the margins of chaos and order, entropy and emergence, the material and the imagined.

Poised in that narrow band between the repetitive and the unpredictable is music — that peculiar ordering of sound in time — something we experience as different from random noise. Down there, at the level of quantum strings, everything is completely sound. Music can be an analogue, an ontological wormhole, a portal into the liminal space between the duality of structure and waves — reaching through the mirror of our consciousness itself and the fantastical possibilities of our creative mind.

From strings above, to strings below.

I shall call to mind how music was always celebrated and held sacred among the ancients, and how very sage philosophers were of the opinion that the world is composed of music, that the heavens make harmony in their moving, and that the soul, being ordered in like fashion, awakes and as it were revives its powers through music. — Ludovico da Canossa (1475-1532) in Baldassare Castiglione’s The Courtier, 1528.

about the artist

Drew Harkey is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the aesthetics and psychophysics of the imaginal realm.



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Map of Consciousness, a Three-Body Problem, 2022. Digital medium. © Drew Harkey.

Edge of Chaos

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