Drew Harkey

Drew Harkey is a digital creator and New Media artist based in Florida. He holds a degree in Mass Communications, an MCIW in web design, and has won awards in illustration, writing and graphic art. He is a Master Certified Internet Webmaster who speaks HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and (when pushed) actual javascript. He is Level III certified in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but believes Fireworks is really the way to go. His first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, but now shoots with a Holga. He lives his analog life in rural Florida with his wife Faith.

I hike trails and take pictures. I make art. I also work in New Media. It’s that part of the internet where story, images and sharing are a big part of the experience. It’s different than, say, building an online banking site, though that is a very useful part of the internet, too. Sometimes organizations need help creating an experience that connects with their audience. There are a lot of subtle aspects that go into making a good website, so I bring all these important usability pieces together for a website that is not only functional but enjoyable.

I’ve been making websites for more than 15 years now. My education is in journalism and anthropology, but I took to HTML and CSS rather easily. It’s like learning a foreign language. Plus, that non-traditional background helped me approach usability problems differently than my computer science friends.

I’ve gotten some pretty good results. Along the way, I’ve worked on corporate, non-profit and even government projects. I’ve directed the strategy, framework and design of several mission-critical websites, including the e-commerce platform of a large organization that increased online transactions by 53% in 12 months, and sales volume by 83% in 18 months. (Representing revenue of $4.29-million). A government public affairs site I directed increased web traffic by 54% and won an Award of Distinction from the Florida Public Relations Association. But my favorite bit was selling house to an out-of-state buyer sight-unseen (really). He used the virtual tour platform I created, saying “I'm comfortable moving forward on this. I feel like I've really seen the place.”