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artistic nature

a photo album


Artistic Nature is a photo album and scrapbook by Drew Harkey of Tallahassee, Florida.

Artistic Nature

As the rising winter sun reveals a checkerboard of earthen colors variegated by the green fissures of rivers and streams crisscrossed by thin tendrils of highways, roads and rails — each small town clings to the glistening human-made web like drops of dew — every detail below is clear. Each house is a tiny house. Each car a very tiny car. A lake with ice reflecting the sky. A microscopic tree with pinprick branches. It's as if I could stand on the wrinkled plain. Poke a finger in that frozen lake. Kneel on the Rocky Mountains and scoop a handful of snow and lob it over the edge of the earth. Wade through a weather front with the sun on my shoulders and kick a peak across the sky.