\ 'a-nə-,dīn \
adj.  serving to alleviate pain
n.  something that soothes, calms, or comforts
n.  a drug that allays pain

Drew Harkey is a multimedia artist practicing in Florida. His current work examines questions raised by the assertions of quantum theory — that matter is both a wave and particle, depending on how it is observed — that what we perceive might be merely a metaphor mirroring the ontology our own consciousness. He aims to explore this duality through the anolouges of sound (wave), form (particle) and color (perception).

Drew earned a BA cum laude in Media Studies with emphasis in Anthropology focusing on information design and theory from the University of South Florida, and an MCIW with emphasis in interactive design from St. Petersburg College. His scholastic honors include awards in visual arts and information design. His photographic work has been exhibited regionally. Drew currently directs multimedia design and web projects for an art museum and performing arts center in Florida, where he continues his autodidactic education in music theory and art.

The work is in progress, and this website is under construction.








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