Artist Research


nova color pigment chart

Nova Color pigments
Nova Color is marketed by brand color name, and does not include the pigment type on the label. However, knowing the pigment of an acrylic paint can be useful when mixing, so I requested the pigment information from the manufacturer. I added Nova to the acrylic brand comparisons chart, and when I started researching Nova as my primary paint I isolated the Nova brand for a quick reference and created this chart.

lascaux sirius color mixing

Lascaux Sirius pigments
Using a base palette of five primary colors, I painted a set of color swatches with Lascaux Sirius acrylics to find out how to make all the hues in between. This was sort of an exercise in color theory — the visual equivalent to “doing my scales.”

acrylic brand comparisons

Winsor Newton Professional, M. Graham Artists', Nova, Lascaux Artist, Lascaux Studio, Lascaux Aquacryl, Schminke Primacryl, Tri-Art Finest, Utrecht Artists, Golden Heavy, Chroma Atelier Interactive, Liquitex Professional, Maimeri Brera, Sennelier Abstract, Charvin Extra Fine
Single-pigment paints provide more reliable mixing results and better lightfastness compared to “convenience mixtures” that are pre-mixed in the tube. However, the various pigments used by acrylic paint manufacturers differ by quality and chemistry. This chart aggregates current pigment research with acrylic paint ingredients to determine a brand’s relationship to pigment quality.

CMY/RGB colorwheel

CMYK and RGB colorspace gamut
The traditional artist’s color wheel, with primaries of red, blue and yellow (RBY), doesn’t make sense with today’s contemporary understanding of color. Instead, the CMY/RGB color wheel, which combines primaries from the additive and subtractive color gamut, represents a more accurate interpretation of visual color. This is my academic attempt of the subject.