Technê Poiêsis

compositions by
Andrew David Harkey


There is a mystery at the confluence of science and mind, at the intersection where matter is both a wave and a particle. A place where reality depends on how we choose to observe it — where the structure of the world we perceive may be only a metaphor.

This project aims to explore the quantum duality through the allegory of absolute music — with the anolouges of acoustic sound (wave) and digital synthesis (particle). The work is in progress, and this website is under construction.

I shall call to mind how music was always celebrated and held sacred among the ancients, and how very sage philosophers were of the opinion that the world is composed of music, that the heavens make harmony in their moving, and that the soul, being ordered in like fashion, awakes and as it were revives its powers through music. — Ludovico da Canossa (1475-1532) in Baldassare Castiglione’s The Courtier, 1528.

about the artist

Andrew David Harkey is a multimedia artist exploring the aesthetics of psychophysics. He earned a BA cum laude in Media Studies with emphasis in Anthropology focusing on information design and theory from the University of South Florida, and an MCIWD with emphasis in interactive design from St. Petersburg College. His scholastic honors include awards in visual arts and information design. His photography project, Artistic Nature, has been exhibited regionally. Harkey currently directs interactive design and web projects for The Baker Museum of Art, the Naples Philharmonic orchestra and the Naples International Film Festival.




  photo essays


As the quantum waltz plays on, sound becomes form when seen, form becomes sound when heard.

Everthing is completely sound.